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City School Library

The City School Library is open!

The City School Library is open for lunch every day, as well as during Thursday morning Advisory. Below please find Volunteer information, and rules and procedures for students.  The Library User Agreement (available at the library) must be signed by both student and parent, and turned in to the library prior to checking out books. 




  • Students must bring their signed (by student and parent) Library User Agreement to the library prior to checking out books. 
  • Students may have only two books checked out at any time 
  • Books may be kept for two weeks 
  • Books must be returned to the Book Return slot outside the library, or handed in to a library volunteer
  • Students must replace any lost book(s) or will be charged the replacement cost



  • Students may eat lunch in the library, and must clean up all food, crumbs, trash, etc. before leaving.
  • Students may save a seat in the library for themselves only, not for other students.
  • Students have 10 minutes at the start of lunch period to visit the restroom, water fountain, lockers etc.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the library until students are released by the teacher on duty in the back lunch area.

Thank you!
Maureen Claypool
Library Committee Chair